Vapor Barrier

Our Vapor Barrier is 6 mm threaded moisture vapor barrier. Vapor barriers/retardants have good waterproof performances, block invasion of hot and cold air, rain efficiency, guard against mold and rot through, and functions as a waterproof barrier. By adding or replacing your vapor barrier the living environment can be improved extraordinarily, as well as strengthening the durability of the building. In addition, this barrier has good parameters of tear resistance, abrasion resistance, anti-aging, and good flexibility under hot and cold temperatures. Added benefits can be: reduction in energy cost, improves air quality, helps to keep critters and rodents at bay, controls mold and mildew, and stops soft spots from forming.

Simplex Nails

Simplex nails have a plastic washer with a metal shank. The metal shank has barbs that are designed to hold the vapor barrier and grip into your homes substructure for added durability.


Lifetime warranty on craftsmanship.

1 year warranty on install of laminate flooring

5 year warranty on install of Subfloors.

Limited warranty on products (non transferable), includes 3 free patches/repair.

Products and Warranty


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